Due to limitations with cross referenced citations in reStructuredText (e.g., commas and spaces are not supported), citations are cross referenced using a 6 digit notation [*].

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Cross reference labels begins with 4 letters:

  • If the citation has one author, the first 4 letters of name are used
  • If the citation has two authors, the first 2 letters of author 1 and first 2 letters of author 2 are used
  • If the citation has three authors, the first 2 letters of author 1, first letter of author 2, and first letter of author 3 are used
  • If the citation has four authors, the first letter of each author is used
  • If the citation has more than four authors, the first letter of first four authors is used
  • Exceptions are made for American Lifelines Alliance (ALA) and United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)

The next two digits are the year (century ignored). If the 6 digits match another citation, a lower case letter (a, b, …) is added. Cross reference notation will be updated to a standard format when better options come available.